We all know someone who loves to get their “om” on. We’ve made their Christmas shopping a whole lot easier for you with these top picks which will make them go heels overhead (in a headstand of course). This Christmas give your yoga mad friend the gift of bliss with these mats, bags, reformers and accessories.

1. Fitness-Mad Warrior II Yoga Mat | 4mm 

The Warrior II is the latest version of our best-selling Warrior mat. Offering all the great features of the original Warrior Mat such as; good cushioning and fantastic value for the money, the Warrior II offers improved grip, is phthalate free and comes in an exciting range of new colours. 4mm is the most popular thickness of yoga mat for regular yoga practice and at 183cm (6ft) long you’ll stay on the mat.

2. Align Pilates Home Reformer (stand up)

The Align-Pilates H1 Pilates reformer was developed to bring the benefits of a Pilates Reformer workout in to your home, without the need to have a space dedicated to your Pilates workout. Featuring the same springs as our professional reformers the H1 offers smooth and progressive resistance and a range of adjustments to fine tune the machine for your workout. The H1 is a self-contained machine which can be easily wheeled around and stored safely out of the way by standing.

3. Yoga Carry / Kit Bags

The Yoga Kitbag is designed to take a full range of yoga equipment, such as is commonly used in Iyengar yoga – the bag will comfortably accommodate 4 full blocks, 1 mat, 2 bricks, 1 blanket and 1 belt. The bag is equally suitable for those wishing to carry a mat, towel & practice wear to the gym. The long handles mean the bag can be carried by hand, over the shoulder or like a rucksack.

4. Pleated Crescent Shaped Zafu Cushions

Our crescent zafu slopes from 7.5 at the back to 4.5 at the front which ensures you pelvis remains above your knees, which is essential for comfort. The cushion is pleated for extra durability and is filled with natural buckwheat hulls which conform to your body shape perfectly whilst providing a stable platform to sit on. The cushion comes with a handle for easy carrying and a hidden zip allows you to add or remove buckwheat hulls to adjust the loft to suit you. Use a Zabuton with the Zafu to provide a cushion for your knees and ankles.

5. Fitness-Mad Yoga Full Block

The Yoga Block,  is used for cushioning in inversions, such as the shoulder stand, which four blocks are required, to support the head in forwarding bends and for the lift in seated twists. Spacer blocks of 1” are particularly useful when needing to reduce or increase the height of one’s lift by less than 2” (5cm) in one go. Available in non-toxic, scratch-resistant first grade EVA foam with 3mm chamfered edges or in recycled chip foam.